December 09, 2013

How to make last name blank on facebook

So let’s get started just follow the steps given below and you will surely get what you need.
First you have to change your Facebook language from account settings there select Bahasa Indonesia language. 
After doing it follow the steps given below to make single name on Facebook just do it now if you want to do it because no one knows for how long this trick is going to work.
After completing the trick you can change your primary language to default one or any other language that you want.
Now simply we just need an Indonesian proxy once we get it then we can easily change our Facebook profile name to single name and search for Indonesian proxy URL is given below:
There on the left side you will a box where you can search proxies by country so there just select Indonesia and on the right side of your screen you will see a yellow button saying Update Results just press that and you will see all proxies from Indonesia.

Just select any fast proxy and save it somewhere in your computer to use later. Now if you are done saving the selected Indonesian proxy on your computer then open up your Firefox browser then go to options as shown in image below.

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When you open Firefox settings page just click on networks tab then click on Settings

   Then a window will appear there you will see Like below image.
Select Manual proxy configuration and paste IP Address and Port Copied From don’t use Values that you see in below image, it may not work. Always use Fresh values from site. Now click ok.
Now go to your Facebook account settings Edit your Profile name and keep last name blank and save it.
It should work. If you get connection problem try different Proxy IP Address.
After saving Your Profile name With Last name Blank. Revert all changes to default.