March 17, 2014

Protect Yourself From Facebook Malware Like Jacking or Click jacking

Protect Yourself From Facebook Malware Like Jacking or Click jacking
                   A new trick is all the way on many websites, which makes you to Like facebook Pages and even to post links on your timeline Without your knowledge.

                   And name of That trick is Click jacking or Like Jacking. You can be victim of this trick in two ways.

1) Invisible Like Button that moves along with your Mouse pointer and wherever you clicks on web page that is having like jacking script on it. You will be liking a facebook fan page without knowing it.
Example for this:
Go to Above link and click any where on that page until play button on video works.
Don't worry you can unlike that page again. Just open your facebook profile. Click on Gear icon on top right corner then select Activity log option from the menu. See the image below...

Then you well get a window like below:

Here you can see the list pages you like. Just click on the page name and unlike it.

2) Second method is, You will see buttons like Next, Previous, Explore...etc buttons blow the articles on web pages or blogs. If you click on it nothing loads on that page but you will be liking a page without your knowledge.
Example for this:
Go to above link and scroll down to bottom of the page there you will see an Next>>  button as shown in below image. Click on it you will be liking my facebook Page Dont worry you can unlike my page if you want in your Activity Log. As done above.

Above two Methods are the ways of click jacking or like jacking..

Now we will see how they attract you to visit their websites. Its simple they share some posts with intresing names and you will be attracted. Below are the examples of such posts..

                         So i think now you are aware of the trick called Like jacking. So be careful will visiting unknown websites.

      Below is the tutorial about how to use code for like jacking. And this tutorial is only for Educational purpose only.