September 18, 2014

[ Solved ] How To Remove Shortcut Virus From Pendrive, Hard disk, Memory Cards

 Many of you Will be Victims of Shortcut Virus that has Been infecting your Pen drives, Memory cards, Hard Disks etc and bothered about removing it. If you are Searching For Solution you are at write Place.

Requirements :-

1. Laptop or PC
2. Infected Removal Disks with Shortcut Virus ( Pen drives, Memory cards, Hard Disks etc )
3. Download USBfiX Free Software From Here

Caution : Save your Incomplete Works Before Perfoming Below Method

Method :-

1. Install UsbFix.exe Downloaded From Above link
2. Launch the UsbFix from Desktop Shortcut if it is not started automatically

3. After Program has launched as in above Image, Just Click on Clean Option and wait. You may not  use your desktop while your USB Device us at Disinfection.

4. After Disinfection Procedure Click on Vaccinate to Prevent Future Infections From Shortcut Virus.

Watch Below Video Tutorial  For Detailed Explanation