November 15, 2014

YouTube Channel Complete Setup and Start Earning Money - In Depth Explanation

Topics Covered In this Tutorial Are

  1. Creating Gmail Account
  2. Signing into YouTube using Gmail account
  3. Creating YouTube Channel
  4. Uploading Profile Picture and Channel Art
  5. Setting Up Custom Url to Your Channel
  6. Giving Description To Your Channel
  7. Displaying  Your  Social and Website Links on Channel Art
  8. Channel Page Overview
  9. Verification and Monetization of  YouTube Channel [      Channel Settings ]
  10.  Uploading a Video and Giving Name, Description, Meta Tags and Custom         Thumbnails
  11. Video Manager Features
  12. Community Features
  13. Channel Settings [ Uploading Defaults, InVideo Programming & Advanced    Settings ]
  14. Analytics In Depth Review and Explanation
  15. Adsense Account Over View

For Full Explanation, Watch Below Video