December 13, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S5 may Realease in January?

Everyone Waiting for Samsung Galaxy S5 after Galaxy S4 and Now Traditionally, announced the Samsung Galaxy S series in the spring (March-May), but reports from Korea indicate that sales of Galaxy S5 forward to January due to the lack of the Galaxy could drive Samsung. A few days ago, we reported that the Galaxy S is missing 4 sales goals, but I think it’s more that we see too many Smartphones and main consumers without a compelling reason to keep. No wonder Samsung has its own activities on the Galaxy S phones are compatible. Galaxy S II was announced in February, 2011, Galaxy S III, in may 2012, and Galaxy S4 in March of this year. January ad specifies the announcement at CES.
As far as specifications go, Galaxy S5 Exynos-5430 with 64-bit and most likely true octa core technologies will be according to the sources. It’s also possible that the camera will be, but more importantly to get bumped, 16MP, there were optical image stabilization. Another rumor is that it can provide a fingerprint scanner. Yesterday we reported that Samsung may publish a phone by the end of the year with a fingerprint scanner. January is not much further.
I think we should wait and see the point. I’m not sure if sales don’t meet announcement sooner rather than later, but we love new phones, so bring it on.