December 13, 2013

Which is the Best Android Phone to Buy in December 2013?

Best Android Phone to Buy  !!

Summer is over, and one of the biggest seasons for new Technology in the USA. Our list of top phones is very different compared to last month, with some new party game changer. This is our phones leaders on October 2013-Let’s hop right into it! ou want Best Android Phone to Buy and we listed Best Android Phones below here..

5 – Motorola Moto X

Moto-X has a special place in our hearts-so much so that he could sneak back to our Top 5. Optimized dual-core chipset inside, how you always hear «contactless» and active notifications bring unique features.
Our review has the Deets about this American hinged piece of machinery you need to make sure good to read it. The data will show a brief introduction that this 4.7-inch 720p LCD display, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB internal memory and more. He’s not muscular, maniac, but the device has its own more than one way. And for some fun.

4 – LG G2

LG-G2 is the new kid on the block, with a number of airlines that LGs is now offering the latest mobile phone. This juggernaut is competitive Smartphone LG, operation, racing fame bring. He hoped the proposal through the power plant experience:
  • 5.2-inch 1080p display
  • Snapdragon 800 processor
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 13 megapixel camera and more
Information, not all of course so LG has improved their Q-slide user interface with some new features and applications that take advantage of every decent pen. Oh and buttons on the back of this meeting thing, talking about uniqueness. It’s definitely on the radar to keep one.

3 – Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsun Galaxy S4
Samsung had to push back a bit the flagship for the first half of this year, but that’s because Samsung phone recording another place further up the list has (we’ll talk about that in a second). Galaxy S4 chicken like chicken remains resilient in the spring, but can be.

2 – HTC One

While HTC one is still a fine phone, it’s more compelling listings will be surpassed. Its combination of style and equipment is enough to make it to the top of our list, although it at # 2 in this month’s numbers fall, desirable place to more exotic.

1 – Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a Smartphone 5.7-inch 1080p, pushing the limits with 3GB of RAM, Samsung octa core processor (quad-core processor in some markets), 13 megapixel BSI-Camera sensor, 2-megapixel front-facing camera, pen and more.
The device is available in a few days at AT&T and Sprint and Verizon on October 10, the media and other lucky souls stroking. In fact Phandroids report was this morning. Rob Jackson was lucky souls who must deal with it. Make sure you read why he thinks he is one of the best smartphones this year (Yes, even against the thing bitten fruit).
Here begins a stripe, and it will be interesting to see how long this Note 3 to control the coveted # 1 this list.